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Personal Development

Just Say No!

A quick guide to how to assert yourself when faced with an unreasonable request.

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Leadership Development

Minutes Proforma

Leaders spend approximately 80% of their time talking to people individually or in groups. Middle and many senior leaders don't have the luxury of an administrative assistant so being able to quickly jot down key points and action points, photocopy and circulate the information immediately can really help. This proforma means you can do just that.

  Meeting Minutes Proforma



Wheel of Life

Successful leaders know how to keep their lives in balance. Completing a wheel of life can help identify what areas of a person's life may be  out of balace and where to focus to achieve the perfect work life balance.

Wheel of Life Coaching Tool 

GROW Coaching Proforma

When first learning to coach it really helps to have a framwork to help you to remember the key questions to ask and an easy way of jotting down key points which you can photocopy and give to the person being coached. This proforma helps you do just that!

Grow Coaching Framework Proforma