Great people invest time and money in becoming great!


Personal Development

Sometimes its very hard to distinguish the difference between a short term cost and a long term investment. Successful people are generally clear on the difference and act accordingly, sometimes taking chances without being sure of the outcome but committed to following through. A very common pattern for successful people is that they are great thinkers, great communicators and great with people

Hence our work is focussed around this core. We work with small groups so that is a deep experience for you. Ourfun, enlightening and confidence boosting, on line and one day face-to-face courseswill set you on the road to professional and personal success. From only £49 + VAT per person


Assert Yourself! PD1

Never give away your personal power again. Know how to be assertive rather than aggressive


Polished Presentations PD2

Learn highly effective strategies for making great presentations


Self-Confidence Now!!  PD3

Reprogramme your thinking so that you are easily confident


Managing Difficult People!!  PD4

Learn easy strategies for dealing with the difficult


Manage your time, Manage Your Life!!  PD5

Get help with setting your priorities, learning how to maximise your time and creating a great work life balance


Get that Promotion Now!  PD6

Learn how to easily get shortlisted and give great interviews and presentations


These one day programmes can be run at your school or academy for a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 people.

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