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10 July 2012

Thoughts, Feelings and Imagination

In all of the programmes I offer, I make sure I provide a space for identifying the dominant beliefs, attitudes and feelings around the key issue. Our emotions and dominant thoughts are the key drivers of our behaviour. If we're not aware of our dominant thoughts and feelings it's as if we are passengers in a car driven by a stranger and thereby destined to go to a place determined by someone else! In general most of us do not take time out to reflect on our thinking or our feelings. Mostly we think we are too busy to think! We need to make appointments with ourselves and get in touch with the emotional spaces we feel safe with and the thoughts we feel safe with. It doesn't mean these thoughts and feelings serve us, it means we feel and believe ourselves to be safer with the familiar than the unknown, even if it's painful. I often ask "How do you feel about ..." - an innocent enough question -and the reply is often "I think...." and I then gently guide the person back to a "Yes and how do you FEEL?". When we say "I feel..." only then can we really own the emotion and get in touch with it. "I felt hurt when...", or "I feel sad when..." are the beginnings of unlocking why we behave as we do, identifying the triggers to unproductive behaviour such as overeating, procrastination or overworking and getting to the place when we can interrupt negative behaviour in a non-judgemental way. I also often invite participants to work with their imagination. When we create images in our mind of where and how we want to be, we send out a signal to the universe which responds with a like vibration. We become living walking magnets or huge anntenae attracting back to ourselves what we are broadcasting.When our visualisations, feelings and thoughts are aligned e.g. we don't have subconscious self-sabotate thoughts going on - they are more powerful that most of us could begin to recognise. Quantum physics has proven that the mere act of the observation of a particle affects the particle. Our thoughts, feelings and imagination create energy waves which go out and come back. It's our choice entirely what comes back. THESE are the ultimate divine, creativity and manifestation tools.



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